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Tgb QPAD MK-85 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Cherry MX Red


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World renowned eSports and gaming gear company QPAD widens their product range with two brand new keyboards: the QPAD MK-85 and MK-50. Although sharing some common features, the boards still differ greatly. One offers world's first groundbreaking technology with no expenses spared, and the other attempts a break at the so sought after “Best bang for the buck” award. 

QPAD has made quite a name for themselves over the years, as provider of top of the line gaming gear, targeted at pro gamers and demanding enthusiasts. Their new premium keyboard, the QPAD MK-85 is designed to be the gamers dream. Featuring all the qualities customers expect from any QPAD product, such as superior build quality, unsurpassed durability and a well thought out design and layout, the MK-85 offers one truly unique feature, making it one of a kind in the world of keyboards. 

Full N-key roll over with USB! 
The QPAD MK-85 is the world's first mechanical keyboard offering full N-key roll over via USB. Since the PS/2 connector is being phased out and several manufacturers of computers and motherboards do not offer this option, many gamers are left with no way of utilizing the benefit of the full roll over feature, because their gaming rig does not support that type of connection. With the MK-85, this will not be a problem. No more need for dual cables or a PS/2 to USB adapter. The groundbreaking technology of the MK-85 allows all the functionality of the board, such as USB hub, the red back light and the full N-key roll over, through the use of just one single USB cable. 

Cherry MX Red mechanical switches
QPAD has decided to use the Cherry MX Red switches for both the MK-85 and the MK-50. The Cherry MX Red switch is basically a lighter version of the MX Black switch. It operates with an actuation point of 2mm and requires a pressure of 45g for the key to register a stroke. Furthermore, the actuation point and release point of the switch are identical, which will facilitate precision and control in games that require multi tapping. Unlike the Cherry MX Blue switches of the MK-80, the Cherry MX Red switches are not tactile and do not offer any audible feedback. Some gamers prefer audible and tactile feedback, and some prefer none. The important thing here is that QPAD now offers a keyboard for both groups. 

The red back light of the MK-85 is produced through individual LED:s for every key. The MK-85 also comes with programmable keys, audio connectors, and exclusive software for setting up gaming profiles. In short: Anything a serious gamer would ever want, is to be found in the MK-85. 

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Tgb QPAD MK-85 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Cherry MX Red

Tgb QPAD MK-85 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Cherry MX Red

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